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Happy Blessed New Year!  Team Droughn

 Dr. Lawrence & Coach Queen Kelli Droughn


This is a great place to begin our story and give you more insight into who we are, what we do, and why it’s all about you!

We are excited about you getting to know us!

We are an ordinary couple with a beyond ordinary love for both people and animals, especially horses.  We wanted to make a marriage between our profession as coaches and our lifestyle.  So we envisioned the type of life we would love to live.  Then we bought a ranch, horses and some animals and now we are living our dream.

Our goal is to help individuals, families, youth, other couples, developmentally disabled as well as corporate businesses and ministry groups to experience the pure magic of how animals and a rural enviornment can be used to promote emotional healing, teamwork, reconciliation and open a person up to the dream they may have left behind as a child.  Which is exactly what happened to us.

For both of us as kids growing up we always wanted to have horses, ride them and if we were really blessed own them.  It's not about the money for us.  We know we can make far more doing our other professional endeavors. It's about causing people to live their dreams, showing individuals there is enjoyment beyond the rat race and stress of life.  Living life to its fullest regardless of risk you must take or who does not agree.

We have extensive backgrounds working with people.  We have a heart for  marriages, families, inner city youth, TAY (Transitioned Age Youth) who come from the foster system but are not ready to be on their own and the developmentally disabled.  Our experience with mental health reaches far  and wide and while working with these individuals we have learned, first hand, the difference animals, having a purpose in life and someone who will hold your hand and simply care will do.

We, along with our volunteers and partners are here to provide that helping hand, word of encouragement and support.

We Are Team Droughn

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Our Humble Beginnings

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