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How We Can Help 


Dr. Lawrence and Queen Kelli are Pastors and Life Coaches. We also have a home for the developmentally disabled. We have a heart for helping hurting people and giving everyone the best quality of life possible for them. We love animals, especially horses and have learned that all animals, especially horses can help giving people a unique way to experience change in a hands-on way by challenging people to look at themselves and the world in a new way. People who have struggled to make progress or achieve their treatment goals have made significant breakthroughs with the aid of equine assisted therapy.

Research has confirmed the effectiveness of equine therapy, showing that it lowers blood pressure and heart rate, alleviates stress, and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. Equine therapy also helps people struggling with addictions and mental health disorders develop skills for healthy living like.

When no one else will hear you...they wi
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